COVID-19 Response

As the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve, please be assured Superior Systems is taking the necessary steps to minimise the risk of exposure. Our priority is reducing the spread of the virus to our team members, our valued customers, and the greater community. 
Superior Systems’ management were proactive in isolating our staff before the social distancing rules applied and will continue to lead by example in the fight to eradicate this terrible virus from our community. 

While Superior Systems is taking precautions to protect our team and customers, we currently remain in operation with onsite work continuing under strict social distancing and hygiene protocols. We fully understand the requirement for essential business to remain operational for the benefit of our staff, suppliers, clients, and the economy in general, and are committed to supporting our team and customers throughout these challenging times.
While it is business as usual for now, we have had to make the following changes: 
Our Ballarat and Sydney offices are not permanently manned with most staff working from home but key staff, working under strict protocols, are able to be present to receive pre-arranged deliveries.
On-site crew numbers are being limited on a per-site basis to increase distances between staff and client representatives in line with social distancing recommendations.
Wherever possible, meetings are being conducted via phone or video conferencing.
David Gray